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The Promotions of Sustainable Lunch Meals in School Feeding Programs: The Case of Italy

Rossi Laura; Ferrari Marika; Martone Deborah; Benvenuti Luca; De Santis Alberto. 2021. “The Promotions of Sustainable Lunch Meals in School Feeding Programs: The Case of Italy” Nutrients 13, no. 5: 1571.

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Un Network dinamico per affrontare le nuove sfide del sistema alimentare

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A Metafrontier Analysis on the Performance of Grain-Producing Regions in Norway

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Effect of Sowing Date on Bioactive Compounds and Grain Morphology of Three Pigmented Cereal Species

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Machine learning models based on remote and proximal sensing as potential methods for in-season biomass yields prediction in commercial sorghum fields. 

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Performance of the Norwegian dairy farms: A dynamic stochastic approach

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Economic performance among Norwegian crop farms accounting for farm management and socio-economic factors

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The Global Durum wheat Panel (GDP): an international platform to identify and exchange beneficial alleles

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Genome-Wide Association Study for Biomass Related Traits in a Panel of Sorghum bicolor and S. bicolor× S. halepense Populations. 

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