Italy – EoI 1112

The Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) team is devoted to study the involvement of pro-technological fermenting yeasts in different food matrices. In particular, fermenting traits, potential probiotic/functional aptitude and antagonistic behaviour were studied. The team, led by Maurizio Ciani, involves food microbiologists and biologists. The main areas of expertise of the team are: food microbiology, fermented beverages (wine and beer), killer toxin, innovative functional and probiotic foods, consumer acceptance about traditional and novel food.

The UNIVPM is involved in the following activities:
WP2 (Sustainable & value-added food production), Task 2.3 (Novel foods (circular economy)
WP3 (Nutrition), Tasks 3.1 (Food composition and new sources), 3.2 (Bioavailability)
WP6 (Dissemination and capacity building)

EoI responsable
Francesca comitini
Position: Associate Professor

People involved
Maurizio Ciani
Position: Full Professor

Laura Canonico
Position: Researcher

Alice Agarbati
Position: post-Doc