Italy – EoI 1094

Our expertise covers two main research areas: food fermentations and diet-human axis.

The research on food fermentations aims to assembly the food microbiomes for innovative fermentation processing focused on the functional, nutritional and preservation of food matrices, including the exploitation of agricultural waste and by-products as ingredients with high nutritional value.

The research on diet – human axis wants to establish the cause – effect relationships between dietary habits and composition/functionality of the human gut microbiome, and to develop specific fermented functional foods with beneficial effects on the human gut microbiome. A line of investigation is dedicated to the improvement of the gluten-free diet through the elimination of the nutritional.         

We apply highly innovative and multidisciplinary approaches, based on food processing, biotechnology, microbiology and omics technologies, that represent the most suitable tools for getting powerful solutions to guarantee high quality standards of foods and beverages, thus reflecting the competitive international science and the expectations of industries and consumers.

We are involved in the definition of novel foods, impact of fermented food consumption on the human gut microbiota and health, effect of foodborne microbes associated to fermented foods, and impact of socio-demographic and geographic factors on the intake of dietary nutrients, within the following work packages:

  • WP2 (Sustainable & value-added food production), Task 2.3 (Novel foods (circular economy)),
  • WP3 (Nutrition), Task 3.1 (Food composition and new sources), Task 3.2 (Bioavailability), Task 3.3 (Physiological effects of sustainable diets), Task 3.4 (Dietary assessment and balanced nutritious diets)
  • WP6 (Dissemination and capacity building), Task 6.4 (Workshops and seminars)

EoI responsable

Prof. Marco Gobbetti
Full Professor

People involved
Raffella Di Cagno
Full Professor

Polo Andrea

Ilaria Carafa

Olga Nikoloudaki
PhD student

Marta Acin Albiac
PhD student

Alessio Da Ros
PhD student