France – EoI 1127

Two teams are involved in SYSTEMIC project:

GME: is working on gram positive spore forming bacteria from genome analysis, to modification and expression and production of proteins of interest notably from  the Bacillus  cereus group. The objectives  are related to both food safety (contaminants in the food chain))  and to Microbial – bio control of pest insect (Bacillus thuringiensis).  Recently we are interested Insect health during mass rearing conditions and microbial safety of insect based feed and food.

ComBac :  Focuses its research on the way food and commensal streptococci (S. thermophilus, S. salivarius) interact with their environments using molecular  genetics, and biochemistry l methods. With respect to bacteria-food matrices the streptococci behavior is investigated in new animal or vegetal food matrices. The impact of these matrices on the functional or health properties of the strains is also explored.

They are mainly involved in WP3:

  • Safe and healthy production of insects (linked to the ITN  H2020 EU-  InsectDoctors project)
  • How to optimise iron availability from iron rich food/feed  (eg. beans, Insect meal) 
  •  Creation of GRAS (safe bacteria) for better bio-availability of iron
  • Identification of bacillus enzymes for pre-digestion of fibers  (eg. insect chitin) to increase
  • Development of an Insect model as alternative to measure in situ assimilation of labelled or non labelled feed/food

EoI responsible ( GME team)
DR2, senior Researcher

People involved
Françoise Rul (ComBac team)
Senior researcher

Agnes Rejasse (GME team)
IE ,