Portugal – EoI 1044

Team FoodBioMol from LAQV/REQUIMTE expertise: Food Quality & Safety/Food Authentication/Food Allergens

  • Novel diagnostic tools based on protein and DNA markers for food allergen analysis;
  • DNA-based methods for plant and animal species identification and adulterant detection in processed foods;
  • Assessment of food processing on the traceability of foods;
  • Impact of food processing and simulated in vivo digestibility on the allergenicity of food proteins;
  • Exploiting conventional and novel processing technologies (high pressure, ohmic treatment, microwave heating) to mitigate the allergenicity of foods;
  • Traceability of GMO in processed foods;
  • Assessment the potential allergenicity of alternative protein sources (insects and algae).

The research group is involved in WP2 (tasks 2.3 and 2.4), WP3 (tasks WP 3.1 and 3.2) and WP5 (task 5.3).

EoI responsible:

Isabel Mafra

Principal Researcher



People involved:

Joana Costa

Assistant Researcher




FOODinteract research group: https://www.i3a-laqv.pt/