Italy – EoI 1120

The University of Bari team is devoted to study the soil-food-human health axis, through an holistic approach. The team, led by Maria De Angelis, involves agriculture and food microbiologists, physicians, and agri-food economists. The main areas of expertise of the team are:

  • food microbiota and metabolome
  • gut microbiota as affected by diet and chronical diseases (e.g., inflammatory bowel syndrome, celiac sprue, chronic kidney diseases)
  • microbial genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics for improving food quality
  • nutrient bioavailability and human health
  • influence of novel food on human metabolism
  • trends and strategies of food industry
  • consumer acceptance about traditional and novel food
  • evaluation of environmental sustainability of alternative diets
  • life cycle assessment
  • circular economy.

The University of Bari is involved in the following activities:

WP2 (Sustainable & value-added food production), Task 2.3 (Novel foods (circular economy)

WP3 (Nutrition), Tasks 3.1 (Food composition and new sources), 3.2 (Bioavailability), 3.3 (Physiological effects of sustainable diets), 3.4 (Dietary assessment and nutritious balanced diets)

WP4 (Consumer behaviour), Tasks 4.2 (Changing food practices), 4.3 (Consumer Food Future Scenarios (C-FFS)

WP6 (Dissemination and capacity building), Tasks 6.3 (Capacity building and networking) and 6.4 (Organization of thematic workshops and seminars)

EoI responsable
Name and Surname: Maria De Angelis
Position: Full Professor

People involved
Name and Surname: Piero Portincasa
Position: Full Professor

Name and Surname: Fabio Minervini
Position: Associate Professor

Name and Surname: Pasquale Filannino
Position: Researcher

Name and Surname: Annalisa De Boni
Position: Researcher