Italy – EoI 1097

The research unit from Alta Scuola in Management ed Economia Agro-alimentare/ Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (SMEA-UCSC) has a solid expertise in both theoretical and empirical issues related to the agricultural and food economics. With regard to empirical evaluation, the group has expertise in micro-econometric modeling (for example, consumer microdata from sample surveys from official sources and / or from scanner surveys) and in the experimental approach to consumer behavior.  In summary, the research unit has solid experience and knowledge in the evaluation of agricultural and food policies, in the analysis of food consumption behaviors, and of food systems and food supply chains, through the use of both primary and secondary data.

The research group has participated numerous international and national research projects on topics related to the agri-food system; relevant to the project are: Policy Evaluation Network (PEN) on the identification and evaluation of the effectiveness of lifestyle policies (in progress), H2020 BIOMONITOR on monitoring the bioeconomy (in progress), and FP7 SUSDIET on the implementation of sustainable diets in Europe and the evaluation of nutrition and sustainability policies.

SMEA-UCSC is mainly involved in WP4 on Consumer Behaviour, where it acts as a WP co-leader, entering all the WP tasks (Task 4.1 – How we eat; Task 4.2 – Changing Food Practices; Task 4.3 – Consumer Food Future Scenarios). It also enter in WP5 on Public Health and Environmental Impacts (Task 5.1 – Review of food and nutrition policy measures across Europe).

EoI responsible
Daniele Moro

People involved

Stefano Boccaletti

Elena Castellari

Paolo Sckokai

Claudio Soregaroli