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Best Poster Prize for Poster “Pigmented potatoes and their preventive effect against LPS-induced inflammation in THP-1 macrophages”

Toccaceli M, Marinelli A, Bassolino L, Pacifico D, Parisi B, Nicoletti F, Lo Scalzo R, Mandolino G and Petroni K
1st Intersociety Congress on Plant products for Human health: the role of medicinal plants in modern medicine | Padua (Italy) 15-17 June 2023
Topic: Plant Bioactives and Human Health

A total of 9 posters out of 57 were awarded, one for each session. Marta Toccaceli, attending the PhD School in Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Department of Biosciences (University of Milan, UNIMI) presented the poster, resulting from a collaborative research between CREA and UNIMI within the SYSTEMIC-CLIMAQUALITEC project, and was awarded the Best Poster Prize for Poster Session 3.

Systemic scientific events 28-28th September 2022, Rome, Italy

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