France – EoI 1124

The Unit PNCA (Nutrition Physiology and Dietary Behavior, Paris, France) conducts studies to understand the impact of protein intake on physiology, dietary behavior and health of human populations. Through a holistic approach, the Unit explores how protein consumption, varying in quantity and quality, impacts dietary behavior, metabolism, physiology as well as the risk of metabolic disorders. The Unit particularly focuses on the substitution of animal proteins by plant proteins or alternative protein sources in the view of limiting animal products for environmental and health purpose. The Unit also studies the impact of moderate insufficiency in protein and some amino acids on human health. The impact of dietary changes on diet quality, in respect with sustainable criteria of food systems, are assessed.

For this purposes, various approaches involving cell models, rodents, clinical research and cohort surveys are developed.

PNCA is especially involved in WP3: bioavailability (3.2), Physiological effects of sustainable diets (3.3), and WP5:  Food policies in EU (5.1), Future Food scenarios (5.2), Relevant health and environmental effects (5.3).

EoI responsible:
Gaudichon Claire
Professor in Human Nutrition
Head of the Unit PNCA (AgroParisTech, INRAe, Université Paris-Saclay)

People involved
François Blachier, Researcher in intestinal physiology
Team Leader (Protein Intake and Intestinal Adaptation)

François Mariotti
Professor in Human Nutrition
Team Leader (Protein Intake, Nutrition Security and Cardiovasuclar risk)