Portugal – EoI 1118

Elsa Lamy is Assistant Researcher at Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture Environment and Development of the University of Evora. Elsa Lamy research has been focused on salivary proteomics in the context of food behaviour. The main research interest are: 1) Relationship between oral medium characteristics and food oral sensory perception; 2) search for dietary intake biomarkers; 3) Biological factors affecting consumer food acceptance and choices. Most of her research has been dedicated to the understanding about how oral characteristics of individuals associate to their sensory perception of foods and how this influence food choices and, consequently, health conditions. By understanding the biological and individual factors that drive food choices, it will be easier to develop strategies aimed to direct people to a higher acceptance of foods from vegetable origins and, consequently to healthier, sustainable and more secure food choices.

Elsa Lamy participates in WP4 – Consumer Behavior. Her participation will involve data acquisition and data analysis about current Portuguese food habits and the individual sensory characteristics responsible for these choices. Moreover, she will be involved in the review and sistematization of the information on the sensory and biological drivers and barriers to protein diversification by consumers and on the impact of these sensory and biological factors on acceptance and adoption of alternative protein sources.

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Elsa Lamy
Assistant Researcher