Belgium – EoI 000

This research group is led by Prof. Carl Lachat of Ghent University, Belgium.  

Prof. Carl Lachat’s main interest is to develop effective approaches to enhance the nutritional status of vulnerable populations. In addition to empirical research, Prof. Carl Lachat actively develops new knowledge with regard to collection, management and integration of food intake data and ways to increase quality of nutrition research and capacity for better policies and practices. For instance, Prof. Carl Lachat led the development of the STROBE-nut reporting guidelines ( for nutritional epidemiology, which are now used by several leading journals to improve the reporting completeness of nutrition manuscripts.

Dr. Chen Yang’s is involved as post-doctoral researcher. His main interest is to develop a digital representation framework (i.e. an ontology) to enable graphical knowledge representation, logical reasoning, natural language processing, etc. of nutritional epidemiologic research output. Dr. Chen Yang led the development of the Ontology for Nutritional Epidemiology (, which is officially a member of the Open Biological and Biomedical Ontology Foundry (OBOFoundry), and indexed by several repositories worldwide (e.g. Elixir Ontology Lookup Service, the BioPortal repository).

WP and task involvement in SYSTEMIC project: WP5. Public Health and Environmental Impact-TASK 5.1. Review of food-based dietary guidelines across Europe

EoI responsible
Carl Lachat
Associate Professor, Ghent University, Belgium

People involved
Chen Yang
Post doc researcher