Italy – EoI 1093

ENR is a non-profit organization with legal personality under private law, with registered office in Palermo. The purpose of the organization is to contribute, in the interest of the community, to the research and promotion of guidelines and technical standards in the field of sustainability, quality, safety and environment. Specifically, the reference is to all the different phases that make up the entire process of standardization, proposing and carrying out the necessary activities and initiatives in this regard. This is achieved mainly through the establishment of expert groups and continuous dialogue with public and private institutions. ENR also takes up the challenge of globalization posed by today’s reality, focusing its research and standardization activities on the theme of sustainability through a series of initiatives aimed at enhancing the value of goods, products or services in full respect of the environment and any further future needs.
In the SYSTEMIC project, ENR, together with UNIPA and UNIPI is involved through cross-cutting activities to implement a new variety of plant foods, for example with high nutritional quality in a balanced and sustainable diet. Specific test cases including cereals, legumes and olive oil for terrestrial and fish, molluscs and algae for aquatic systems.
In this sense, the leadership of ENR acts as a link between the specific skills of UNIPI and UNIPA, with specific reference to the case study covered by the Hub project, namely that of extra virgin olive oil:
“Preservation of nutraceutical and sensory quality traits of evo-oils obtained from olive orchards grown under conventional and organic management using different packaging and storage conditions: the case study of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils”.

EoI responsable
Francesco Beltrame (ENR)
Case study leader

People involved
Angela Zinnai
Scientific manager (UNIPI)

Tiziano Caruso
Scientific manager (UNIPA)