Italy – EoI 1064

The Centre for Plant Biodiversity Conservation and Evaluation of the University of Sassari (CBV-UNISS) promotes the following research objectives: knowledge, storage, evaluation, and sustainable use of plant resources. Activities are oriented to reduce the genetic erosion and to favourite the conservation of the ancient resources of the main agricultural crops. With this aim, the Centre works for: find, collect and store plant and microbial genetic resources, with the implementation of collections and characterisation of phenotypic and genotypic diversities; evaluate plant genetic resources under the profile of resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses; promote strategies of plant and microbial biodiversity evaluation with the aim of a sustainable use; promote researches on cultural, social and legal aspects of plant biodiversity; organize and disseminate information on the patrimony under safeguard; individuate sites for in situ storage of plant species and institution of repositories for ex situ storage; individuate native species having special properties as medicinal, food and ornamental purposes; restore and evaluation of traditional cultivars as a tool to recover local typical product and of plant original resources; develop of a sustainable agriculture and protection of traditional agriculture systems; evaluate of protected landscape and of environment valuable areas.
Involvement in SYSTEMIC project:
WP1 – Task 2: Biophysical effects of climate change on perennial woody crops.
WP2 – Task 1: Biodiversity as a tool of adaptation to climate changes of perennial crops.
WP2 – Task 3: Domestication of wild plants as a source of novel foods.
WP2 – Task 4: Safe technologies for fresh horticultural commodities postharvest management. Biodiversity and Fusarium toxin production in cereals.

EoI responsable

Maurizio Mulas
Associate Professor at the University of Sassari (Italy)

People involvedVirgilio Balmas
Associate Professor at the University of Sassari (Italy)

Angela Fadda
Researcher of the National Research Council (CNR) – Institute of Science of Food Production (Italy)

Silvia Medda
Research Fellow at the University of Sassari (Italy)