Italy – EoI 1117

The components of the operating unit at Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome, carry out basic and applied research activities in modeling relating to industrial and management processes. Within the collaboration with the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) they have developed algorithms and optimization models for the
analysis and design of sustainable diets and menus, complying with the requirements of environmental sustainability, of health and nutrition, as well as of cultural acceptability of the proposed food plans.
The specific objective of the DIAG unit, in WP3.4, is to define and promote the use of new mathematical models in the field of nutrition. These models must be able to characterize not only the nutritional aspect of foods but also their cost in economic terms and environmental impact. The use of these models will allow the systematic study of new nutritional profiles capable of guaranteeing the food security of the population with sustainable, healthy and palatable diets.

EoI responsable
Alberto De Santis
associate professor

People involved
Luca Benvenuti
associate professor

Link: benvenuti de-santis